Coastal Clouds - Mango Berries Iced

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Strength: 3mg
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Cool, ocean breezes meet balmy, tropical shores in this stunning new e-liquid from Coastal Clouds. Iced Mango Berries is a top-quality formula that has reimagined the sweet, tempting flavors of paradise with the addition of a refreshingly icy menthol finish. Just like the original Mango Berries, this fruity e-juice brings together the organic flavors of three favorites: ripe, golden mangoes, sweet, garden-fresh strawberries, and subtly tangy kiwi. The inclusion of clean, frosty menthol creates a beautifully balanced flavor profile that will make your tastebuds come alive. If you like the sound of a frozen fruit smoothie and are ready to start vaping in style, look no further than Iced Mango Berries!

Grab your bottle today and get lost in the clouds with this killer menthol/fruit e-juice! Iced Mango Berries is available now in a convenient 60mL unicorn bottle at 3 different nic levels. Its 70/30 VG/PG ratio makes for those thick, famous “coastal” clouds and a smooth throat hit perfect for vaping all day. 

Tastes like: Mango, strawberry, kiwi, methol, popsicle

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