Coastal Clouds - Apple Peach Strawberry Iced

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Your favorite fruit flavors have been reinvented with a frosty twist in Coastal Clouds’ newest e-liquid: Iced Apple Peach Strawberry! With all the natural fruity goodness of the original Apple Peach Strawberry, this mouthwatering sequel takes the sweet, sun-kissed fruits you love and wraps them in a refreshing menthol finish. On the inhale, your tongue is greeted with the sweet, floral notes of a freshly picked peach, while the exhale brings to the fore tart apples and garden-ripe strawberries. All the while, your palate is awakened by the delicate and invigorating chill of icy menthol. This seamless blend of sweet fruit and smooth menthol is a fragrant and fanciful combination that will hit the spot every time you vape in style.

Grab your bottle today and get lost in the clouds with this sinfully delicious fruit/menthol e-juice! Iced Apple Peach Strawberry is available now in a convenient 60mL unicorn bottle at 3 different nic levels. Its 70/30 VG/PG ratio makes for those thick, famous “coastal” clouds and a smooth throat hit perfect for vaping all day. 

Tastes like: Apple, peach, strawberry, menthol

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