If you are wondering what exactly these new Sub-Ohm Salts are, you've come to the right place.  As most know, salt based nicotine hit the market a few years ago and never looked back.  However, it came with one downfall .... it was meant for low-wattage pod devices that limited vapers that prefer big clouds, stronger throat hits and the customizable options included with the high-wattage devices.  

Sub-Ohm Salts took the newly developed salt nicotine advantages and created a liquid that could be used in the sub-ohm style of vaping.  Free based nicotine is chemically modified to bring the potency, while salt based nicotine is more natural. By taking nicotine compounds directly from the tobacco plant and then combining with benzoic acid, it allows for a smoother hit without losing the potency.  The addition of the benzoic acid creates a completely new form of e-liquid nicotine, even better than the original.

Industry innovation has created the best of both worlds:  salt based nicotine and high wattage devices!  Vaping enthusiasts can now continue enjoying those big clouds, smoother potent hits & bolder flavor.  If you like the salt based nicotine and don't want to rely on pod systems, sub-ohm salts are for you!



  • A highly recommended alternative to smoking.  It is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, providing those looking to quit smoking with an experience similar to a cigarette.
  • Smoother hits at higher nic levels.  Pure nicotine, as found in traditional free-based juices, will give a harsh throat hit if inhaled too heavily. With the addition of benzoic acid, nicotine salts allow the nicotine to be easily inhaled with a smooth hit instead of a harsh puff
  • Bolder flavor.  Free-base nicotine has been found to overpower the flavor of vape juices.  Salt nicotines do not affect the overall flavor

Nicotine salts are valuable, without a doubt.  They contain many benefits over free-based nicotine.  If you are trying to give up traditional cigarette smoking, this is absolutely an alternative you should try!