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Vapormaid - Cookie Jar 60ml - V4S
Vapormaid - Cookie Jar 60ml
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Vapormaid - Sticky Buns - V4S
Vapormaid - Sticky Buns
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Vapormaid - Pudding 60ml - V4S
Vapormaid - Pudding 60ml
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The Vapormaid line is currently found in two ways - in glass and plastic, it was the first one that appeared first and is comparable in price to the main line of the manufacturer, but the liquid in banks of 100ml Chubby Gorilla came out only this year and it turns out unlikely ( like 60ml in boston), but intersects with the previous version with only one mix. In general, we have a renewed “old woman” in front of us, but the same liquid may well be caught in cardboard boxes and glass jars of 30 (already quite rare) or 60 ml.