Bad Drip - Cereal Trip [CLEARANCE]

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Size: 60ml
Level: 0mg
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Get ready for a sugar rush like you wouldn’t believe with Cereal Trip. This new e-liquid from world-famous Bad Drip Labs fuses all your childhood breakfast favorites into a delectable buffet of flavors from beyond your wildest dreams. One of the most loved cereal juices on the market, Cereal Trip captures the indulgent sweetness of a bowl of Froot Loops and combines it with the decadent taste of a buttery, gooey doughnut, fresh from the oven and topped with a sumptuous sugary glaze. Tying everything together, the flavor of a rich, creamy glass of fresh milk soaks through, leaving you always wanting more. With the best flavors from your childhood, Cereal Trip lets you enjoy the simpler things as you’re vaping in style.

Grab your 60mL bottle with a blend of 75/25 VG/PG today. We can promise you won’t regret it!

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