Bomb Sauce

Don’t let the name fool you! Do you get a kick out of the name Alien Piss?? Ha! We did too at first, but don’t think these flavors taste anything like piss.  The variety of lemonade flavors in the Alien Piss line are some of the best on the market!  Bomb Sauce E-Liquid provides a wide assortment of flavors and nicotine levels, ranging from fruity to sweet and 0mg to 12mg.  Great for both beginner and experienced vapers alike, the perfectly crafted Bomb Sauce flavors offer something for everyone and will help keep you vaping in style!

One of the largest E-liquid manufacturers in the US, Bomb Sauce is based in Atlanta, GA and are committed to delivering exceptional quality and consistency in all of their products.  Every Bomb Sauce E-Liquid is made with 70% VG and 30% PG to help ensure optimal flavor delivery and thick, dense clouds. They handcraft their juices using only fresh ingredients in a clean lab facility, ensuring that every product leaving their building contains no contaminates or impurities.  Thus, providing exceptional flavor in every bottle!

Bomb Sauce Premium E-Liquid manufactures juices that they hope vapers will never be bored with. For those who are always seeking new flavors, even though that is a tough order, every vaper is always sure to have at least one go-to brand of e-liquids that they are comfortable to come back to from time to time.  Bomb Sauce E-Liquid is definitely one of those brands.  Again, don’t let the name fool you … it’s just Bomb Sauce’s ingenious method of making sure you never forget about their flavors.  Kudos to them!