Beard Vape Company

Like this silky, smooth bearded face logo? The premium e-liquids from Beard Vape Co. are just as smooth. They will sure keep you vaping in style!

Based out of Southern California, Beard Vape is easily one of the most recognized e-liquid brands.  In 2014, they introduced many flavors into the vaping market; starting with nearly 100 flavors, sending them out for testing in local vape shops.  These beta numbered liquids were met with an immediate demand. Customers became familiar with their numbered names, so Beard kept the now famous numbers such as #5 NY Cheesecake and #32 Cinnamon Funnel Cake. All of Beard Vape’s premium e-juices are made with the highest quality ingredients.  Beard constantly refines their flavors to achieve tastes found in no other e-liquid brand. With every hit, you can find the detailed care that Beard puts into all of their products.  You’re sure to find something in their vast menu to suit your taste bud every time.  They’ve recently revamped their product line to their best selling numbers, but given our status as one of Beard’s top east coast distributors, we carry a lot of their original products as well.  We highly recommend all of Beard’s flavors for anyone looking to add a staple to their vaping collection or looking to try something new.  Practically everyone that tries a Beard product, loves it and we are sure you will too.  And we promise you don’t have to have a beard to enjoy them!