Yihi Glass G Class - Luxury Golden 200w

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Yihi's flagship G class has finally come out with a comparable Luxury Golden. This luxury version was intended only as a limited edition ... Yihi only manufactured a specific amount and because of that only small quantities are available at limited times.  But not to worry, the newer Black Golden color is very similar and gives the same luxurious feel.
Now this is what you call vaping in style! The Yihi SX Mini G class is a magnificent piece of art that indeed represents the future of mod technology. It offers tremendous power, accuracy and intelligence combined with features such as an ergonomic body design, user friendly joystick control and an interactive colorful OLED display. The latest and powerful Yihi 550J chipset makes this innovative device a beauty in action. It is considered Yihi’s flagship chipset capable of producing 5-200w of output along with the SXi-Q Intelligent Taste Curve technology. Add the support of full temperature control and Bluetooth plus high precision and accuracy and you have a device that rivals anything available today. The system is powered by two 18650 batteries (sold separately) and a USB cable for firmware updates. While the Luxury Golden color is currently unavailable, we have stock of the beautiful Black Golden which is completely comparable to the Luxury Golden and nothing to write off. As well availability of the rare Kevlar Black, unique Camo and popular Carbon Fiber colors.  Pair this awesome mod with one of the Yihi atomizers and trust us, you won't be disappointed ... the SX Mini G Class SX550J 200W TC Box Mod is one of the best devices you’ll ever own, giving you full swag!
IMPORTANT NOTE:  We strongly advise using only an external battery charger for recharging the batteries used in your Yihi device. The USB port is not recommended for charging and is not covered under the manufacturer's full one year warranty if loosened due to frequent charge duty.  This may also result in an inability to receive and apply firmware updates as well as completely losing the USB charging capability. PLEASE USE AN EXTERNAL BATTERY CHARGER FOR CHARGING THE BATTERIES.

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