Bad Drip

With jaw-dropping flavor combinations and a unique aesthetic all their own, Bad Drip Labs has manufactured one of the most memorable and addicting e-liquid brands on the market. 

This juice producer is known around the world for the authentic, natural flavors that are infused in their juices and the clever, well-balanced flavor profiles that come alive in their concoctions. The VG/PG ratios in their formulas range from 80/20 to 70/30, vape silky smooth, and produce thick, satisfying clouds that are perfect for vaping in style. They also offer a number of “Iced Out” flavors, adding menthol to favorite flavor combinations. 

Featuring juices with names like “Dead Lemon” and “Bad Blood”, Bad Drip Labs has cultivated an interesting and intriguing “bad-boy” style that vapers love. Their product packaging resembles a prescription pill bottle and makes for a great collectible, and each juice bottle comes with a convenient wipe cloth that features their distinctive smiley face logo. 

Order a Bad Drip Labs creation today and we know that you will not be disappointed. But be warned: once you go Bad you never go back!

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